A cybersecurity specialist works on the front lines and behind the scenes to protect digital systems and assets from hackers, threats and vulnerabilities. Search “cyber security specialist $100,000” on LinkedIn and you find a cornucopia of high-paying jobs from across the country. Advanced roles are reserved for seasoned professionals with 10 to 15 years of full-time experience in cybersecurity.

  • Some organizations require a master’s degree to become a cybersecurity specialist, but not all.
  • As a result, careers in cybersecurity bring numerous benefits, including job security and a relatively high income.
  • Career opportunities for current and aspiring cybersecurity specialists have never been more plentiful or lucrative.
  • The average salary of a cyber security specialist varies by state due to factors such as cost of living, industry demand, and local competition.
  • One of the top online resources for cybersecurity job seekers and those interested in pursuing a career in information security is CyberSeek.org.
  • Aside from industry, geographical location is a crucial determinant of cybersecurity salary.

From a pentester to an information security analyst to a security engineer to a chief information security officer – each of these positions has a different salary range. How much you personally will earn also depends on various factors, such as your education and experience levels, the type of business your company is in, its size, how to become a security specialist geographical location, and more. The term “cybersecurity” covers various responsibilities in the technology sector. Pentesters, information security analysts, security engineers, and chief information security officers all have different salary ranges. Many factors affect your profits, including your level of education and experience.

Which location pays the highest Cyber Security Specialist salary in the United States?

Improve your skills and knowledge, and your superiors are more likely to award you a pay increase in the future! Cybersecurity specialists are responsible for responding quickly in the event of a breach or other security incident. They work closely with IT teams and law enforcement agencies to investigate incidents, contain damage, recover lost data if possible, and prevent future attacks from occurring. Cybersecurity specialists also conduct regular audits on information systems to ensure compliance with relevant regulations such as HIPAA or GDPR. This includes creating reports on any issues found during these audits and recommending solutions.

how much does cyber security specialist make

If you’re interested in pursuing a career as a Cyber Security Specialist, don’t let salary be your sole motivator. It takes years of education and training before becoming proficient enough to earn those higher salaries. Washington pays Cyber Security Specialists the most in the United States, with an average salary of $112,661 per year, or $54.16 per hour.

Understand the total compensation opportunity for a Web and Cyber Security – Specialist, base salary plus other pay elements

In Texas, where many large corporations have headquarters located in Dallas and Houston, cyber security specialists earn an average annual income of around $100,000 – $115,000. Cyber security specialist salaries typically range between $69,000 and $125,000 yearly. It is directly proportional to the level of education and amount of experience an employee has. If you’re eyeing large, famous companies, keep in mind that your starting salary will be comparatively low before you rise through the ranks. Information security analysts tend to earn more than a cybersecurity specialist’s salary.

Employers prefer a bachelor’s degree in computer security or a related field to ensure their experts know what they’re doing. Examples of related fields include computer science, data administration, network administration, and more. Therefore if you want to succeed in this field, you must have an insatiable desire for knowledge coupled with advanced technical skills necessary for cybersecurity positions. As we saw in this article, the average salary ranges from $75,000 to over $120,000 per year depending on the state and level of experience.

Mid-Level Roles

Cyber security specialist salary is impacted by location, education, and experience. Cyber security specialists earn the highest average salary in Washington, Utah, Oregon, New York, and North Carolina. Among the many cybersecurity jobs that companies are hiring for across all industries is the position of cybersecurity specialist. Like many roles within the wide-ranging, fast-growing field of cybersecurity, the responsibilities of the cybersecurity specialist can vary greatly depending on the company or organization and its specific needs. Other job titles that you might see in your search include IT Security Specialist, Network Security Specialist and Internet Security Analyst.